Joy's Angels 
Crochet and Craft Group

Wrapping the world in JOY one stitch at a time!!  


Joy's Angels 
Crochet and Craft Group


Prayer Shawls, Lapghans, and Blankets


Wrapping the World in JOY one stitch at a time! 

Joy's Angels are a group of Crocheters and Crafters originating in Lake Wales, Florida.
Renamed from the "Happy Hookers" in Loving Memory of Joy Piper (1948-2012) the founding member. 

Joy's Angels are a group dedicated to "Pay it Forward". Making shawls, blankets, scarves, and hats. Donating to the Special Olympics, those suffering from cancer or other ailments, and folks in the community who need a Hug from Joy!

Joy Piper, Founder 1948-2012

When Joy fell ill a few years ago, 
Someone sent her A Prayer Shawl.
It was made with loving, healing, and blessing prayers in every loop and stitch. 
Mom always said she could feel the warmth and love as she wrapped the shawl around her. 

Joy brought the shawl with her everywhere.
Taking the soft yarn, the faith, and love with her.
Its comfort and warmth assisted my mother through all the days. 

Joy felt God's arms wrap around her and it comforted her. 
His warmth surrounded her, 

He filled her with healing, strength, hope, love and peace every time she put on the Shawl.

Joy's Shawl Given to her in 2009.

That is why we, of Joy's Angels, have chosen to crochet, knit, and craft  Prayer Shawls, blankets, scarves, and hats, to donate them to the local Churches and Hospitals in our area and organizations world wide.  

To know that His healing will continue.