Joy's Angels 
Crochet and Craft Group

Wrapping the world in JOY one stitch at a time!!  

Joy's Angels are a group dedicated to "Pay it Forward". Making shawls, blankets, scarves, and hats. Donating to the Special Olympics, those suffering from cancer or other ailments, and folks in the community who need a Hug from Joy! 
We do this not for the recognition,
 but to share Joy!

There are many things that Joy's Angels do.  We give Prayers, Faith, Hope and Joy to those who are at the end of their days, or facing odds that are against them, and even the folks who are just having a rough time and need a Hug and a reminder they bring Joy to people. 

Joy Felt the love, prayers, and warmth of her prayer shawl and wanted to spread that feeling to everyone who has a need.  Joy felt drawn to making shawls to give to others Joy never knew the name of the person who blessed her with her shawl.  A Memeber of her Brother's Church is all we know. Joy literally took that shawl everywhere she went. To the Doctors office, to the park, and the movies.  Joy always felt God was close to her when she ahd that shawl.  She knew God was looking after her and keeping her safe. It was important for Joy to share these feelings.

Joy started with herself, Her Sister-in-law, and her Daughter Far away in Texas, The "Happy Bok Hookers" were created. Soon friends joind in and the meetings began!  Every Saturday at the  Lake Wales Indoor Market, to chrochet, people watch, and share the message.  Sadly a few months after the meetings started Joy Fell Ill and did not Recover.  

Joy Passed away 3/3/2012. 

 In her Honor the group renamed themselves to Joy's Angles. 

Bill Piper. Joy's Husband along with his Daughter, Renee Winans, And Bill's Sister and Brother,  Margaret Secor, Maurice Piper, and Many other family, friends and folks who knew and met Joy continue to make Prayer Shawls, Lapghans, and Blankets.  All Items are donated to many organizations in the area, The Lakeland Cancer Center, Good Shepherd Hospice (where Joy spent her last days), Lake Wales Lutheran Church, and People who look to be in need of a Hug from Joy.  Places and People are added to the list everyday!!   If you know of someone who is in need of Joy. Please Contact us, We will do what we can.  If you would like to Donate to Joy's Angles please visit the Donations Page of this Website or Contact us if you would like to send us some yarn you may have around!! Everything is appreciated!!

Thank you for your support and love. 

Live Life in Joy!